The 3 Producers


There were once three music producers: the keyboardist, the electric guitarist, and the singer/drummer. They played in cafes with their instruments plugged into a laptop. They lived a life of MIDI, quantization, cords, chords, and coffee. Electronic music was their world.

And then the power went out. It never turned back on.

The three producers decided to walk north. Each carried a token of their old life: the singer, her laptop; the guitarist, his guitar; and the keyboardist, a notebook for composition.

They traveled for miles, keeping their spirits up by humming, whistling, plucking, and composing. But without hearing their songs through speakers, they became unhappy. They hummed, whistled, plucked, and composed harder, but it was never enough.

The singer dreamed of performing to a crowd, and woke up to tears.

When the guitarist fell ill to exhaustion, the keyboardist carried him; and the singer, finally accepting a life without music, abandoned her laptop to carry his guitar.

When he’d recovered, the guitarist destroyed his guitar, since its sounds were useless without an amp.

The keyboardist carried on, leading his disheartened bandmates.

When they turned on each other and threatened to split up, they were approached by a stranger, who was also a musician.

They all walked together, and met even more musicians, until their path was crowded with musical people of all sorts. The end of their journey was a city of music folk, filled with instruments and sounds, all of them having traveled from across the continent to converge here.

The keyboardist played a piano; the guitarist played an acoustic guitar; the singer sang and drummed. They had no microphones, amps, cords, or computers. And they were very happy.

The 3 Producers is a modern fairytale based on the premise of Revolution (a TV series about the power going out, which is also awesome). It’s also my practice project before I dive into Sounds in the Static.